Rosalie Huang holds a degree in Fashion Design and Business Management.

With a background in fashion styling and creative consultant positions, she began her career in the industry by working in department stores and garment factories, then various roles such as serving in the International Wool Secretariat (the current Woolmark Company) as Chief Director of Fashion Shows and Deputy Director of Fashion Teaching and Research as well as Creative Director of the Department of Traditional Culture and Fashion Design at Tsinghua University.

For more than 20 years, Rosalie held the position of Editor-At-Large at VOGUE Taiwan, and she has created and hosted VOGUE TV, and VOGUE and GQ Blog, expanding the presence of digital media at Conde Nast. During this time, Rosalie also established VOGUE TV China, and served as Editor-In-Chief for 9 years.

Following her path from the publication sector, Rosalie founded DesignXchange Studio, a creative consultancy focusing on art direction, costume design and styling, with projects mainly with films and TV series. 


  1. 黄薇受邀作为买手参加女神新装第二季的节目录制。
  2. 黄薇受邀参加东方物语—亚洲青年艺术邀请展
  3. 挑战跨界拥抱改变,牵手酷派玩转时尚。改变者宣言:与其追逐美,不如做美的造物主,改变从创造美开始。
  4. 受邀参与宁波美术馆《万象复观——亚洲艺术邀请展》 作品:四季
  5. 受邀参与巴西库里提巴《当代艺术双年展中国主宾国系列展览》 作品:寤寐
  6. 受邀参与上海世博展览馆《Ideal Home Show》探讨居家穿着的时尚艺术,通过材质、款式、颜色的摩登混搭,从文化探讨角度,用手工艺去诠释东方艺术的生活方式,世界共同看中国!

1996 When Dreams Come True, Costume Design, Production Designr

2012 Tiny Times 1.0,  Costume Design, Production Design

2013 Tiny Times 2.0, Costume Design, Production Design

2013 Love Evolutionism, Costume Design, Production Design

2013 Tiny Times 3.0, Costume Design, Production Design

2014 Tiny Times 4.0, Costume Design, Production Design

2014 Emperor's Holidays, Costume Design

2014 Silent Separation, Costume Design, Production Design

2015 La Historic Du Un Amor, Costume Design

2015 Love O2O, Costume Design

2016 Miss Puff, Costume Design

2016 Uta is not a Stray Dog, Costume Design

2017 Autumn Fairy Tale, Costume Design

2015 Dear Translato, Costume Design

2015 Customize Happiness, Costume Design

2015 A Smile is Beautifu, Costume Design

2015 Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy, Costume Design

2015 Let's get married! 2, Costume Design

2015 If Love like This, Costume Design

2016 Yes! Mr Fashion, Costume Design

2016 Ice Fantasy Destiny, Costume Design

2016 Agent Princess,  Costume Design

2016 YiLu FanHua XiangSong, Costume Design

2016 Great Expectations, Costume Design

2017 The Negotiator, Costume Design

2017 KunLun, Costume Design

2017 Ever Night, Costume Design

2017 Patriot, Tong LiYa's Costume Design

2017 XiXia Book of Dead, Costume Design

2017 Pocket Universe, Tong LiYa's Costume Design

2017 A Natural Dreamer, Costume Design

2017 As Young as We are, Costume Design

2017 Wai Ba Hang, Costume Design

2018 Commission Merchant, Costume Design


YangPeiPei 8’o Clock TV Series Stylist

Huan Jun Ming Zhu

Chun Qu Chun You Hui

August Osmanthus

Jiang Hu Zai Jian

Taipei Kang Mi Di

Xue Ke


FTV 8’o Clock TV Series Stylist

Hua Kai Hua Luo

Yan Shuang Fei


Phoenixtv TV Series Fashion Consultant








Editorial Consultant, Vogue International Chinese Version Director, Rosalie Huang’s Studio

Founder and CEO, DesignXchange Studio

Legal Representative, Yiwei (Shanghai) Creative Design Limited

Deputy Director of Fashion Teaching and Research Department, Tsinghua University

Creative Director, Traditional Culture and Fashion Design Research and Development Department, Tsinghua University